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Sky Pro Images is a photography and video production company based in Mississauga that specializes in aerial imaging. We are licensed by Transport Canada to fly drones and hold an Advanced Pilot Certificate, which is the highest level of licensing for professional drone pilots.

We take amazing images to help you promote your company, product, or service. We work with Realtors to provide still and video images of properties for sale. We also do event photography and product shots in our studio. Need a corporate video to showcase your company, we do that too.

We have a fleet of drones all with amazing cameras that we fly depending on the application. Our drone fleet is registered and insured. We serve the GTA as well as Muskoka and Parry Sound.

As drone specialists, we are continually working to produce fantastic cinematic images. We work with our clients to come up with a creative production plan to tell their stories. We fly our drones safely and ensure you and your clients are extremely happy with the finished product.

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Meet The Founder - Gordon Honor

With extensive experience in the real estate industry, Gord knows the power of good photography.
Gord trained at the New York Institute of Photography as a professional photographer and holds an Advanced Drone Operator license with Transport Canada. Combining his love for photography and drone skills, Sky Pro Images and Toronto Drone Photography was created.

Frequently asked questions


Are you licensed to fly a drone in Toronto?

Yes, we carry an Advanced license with Transport Canada which enables us to fly in the GTHA.

How much lead time do you require for a drone photoshoot?

Some areas require us to coordinate with the authorities, so we may need over 24 hours or more of lead time depending on the locations.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry liability insurance.

Can you highlight the boundary lines of a building or property in a video?

Yes, we can outline a building or property line in a video. When filming the property lines, we may need to add a disclaimer to the video depending on the application.

What is your turn around time for drone photos?

We custom edit all our drone photos and can have them back to you within 24 hours.

What is your turn around time for drone videos?

Videos take longer to produce than photos because of the extra editing involved. Usually, we can have the video ready to go in 24 hours depending on workload.

Can you fly a drone indoors?

Yes, we can fly a drone inside. We have experience flying drones inside for corporate videos of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and offices. We also fly drones inside commercial real estate properties to highlight the size and functionality of the buildings on video.

Can you take architectural photographs with a drone?

Yes, we can take architectural photographs with our drones. We have the ability to position the camera angles to capture photos you simply cannot get with ground-level photography.

Can you fly a drone in winter?

It depends on the weather, we only fly our drones when conditions are safe to fly.

What areas do you provide drone services?

Sky Pro Images provides drone services in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, Milton, Stoney Creek, Hamilton, GTHA. We also work in other parts of Ontario including Muskoka, Parry Sound, additional fees apply.

Real Estate

Can you make complete residential real estate videos?

We provide drone services to other companies that produce complete real estate video.

Do you produce real estate videos for industrial and commercial listings?

Yes, we do! We have worked with small family-owned businesses through multinational corporations to produce corporate videos. They have been used for social media, presented on their websites via YouTube, and investor and board of directors presentations.

Do you do drone photography for real estate listings?

Yes, we can provide drone photographs for real estate listings. Whether it’s one photo you need or a full complement of drone photos for a listing we can help. All of our photos are custom edited for perfection.

The grass at my listing is in rough shape, can you correct that in your drone photos?

Yes, we do grass replacement on drone photos. Let us know when you place the order that you would like us to touch up the image.

I have my own real estate photographer but they don’t offer drone services can you help?

Yes, we provide drone operator services to professional real estate photographers. We supply your real estate photography company with raw video clips and photos. From there the real estate photographers' editing team seamlessly blends the exterior drone videos and photos into the virtual tour and slide show.

How much does it cost for drone photos of a house?

Our prices start at $200 for drone photos of a residential real estate listing. This includes full editing of each photo including sky replacement if the photos were taken on an overcast day.

How much is a drone video of a house?

Our prices start at $350 for a residential real estate drone video for a listing. We provide a 30-60 second edited video set to music with titles and property boundary outline if required.

How much does it cost for drone photos of a commercial building?

Drone photography for commercial real estate listings starts at $250 per building. Contact us for a quote for your particular building.

How much does it cost for drone video of a commercial building?

Drone videos for commercial real estate listings start at $350 for a 30-60 second fully edited video with titles, building outline and set to music. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the building. Contact us for a quote for your particular building.

I need a drone photo of a house but it's in a subdivision, is there a way to highlight a single property?

Yes we there are two ways. First, we will find the best angle to photography the house by eliminating as much of the neighbours house as possible. Secondly, if you want to show a little more space we can do a single lot highlight that showcases your listing.


How long does it take to produce a corporate video?

The time to produce a corporate video varies with the complexity. Generally, we have a meeting first to establish a storyline and shot sequence. For most videos, we are able to capture the video in one or two sessions at the facility. From there we going post-production where the video is edited, colour graded, titles added, and set to music if required.

How much does a corporate video cost?

Corporate videos are a lot more complicated and require a lot of planning and more time on site. We have packages starting at $1,650 for a 90-120 second corporate video.

We need a video for our company website can you help?

Yes, we can help you produce a video for your companies website, we can also provide you with the files so you can upload to your own YouTube channel.


Can you do scheduled visits to track the progress of a constitution project?

Yes, depending on the weather, we can do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits to provide you with photos and videos of the progress on your construction project.

How much does it cost for construction progress photos and video?

It depends on the size of the project, and where it is located. We have plans starting at under $300 for small projects. It’s best to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Why are construction drone photos and videos Important?

Proper documentation is critical for project managers during the constitution process. Dated drone photographs provide a clear history of the development of the project over time and provide visual proof of what has transpired on site. From the build progress to missing equipment or supplies photos help by providing visual evidence.

What format are the videos and photos delivered in?

We provide high-resolution photographs and either 1080p or 4K video clips depending on your application which can be shared with your team.

We need a birds-eye view photo of our facility but it as very large, can that be done with a drone?

For very large projects we take multiple pictures and stick them together to create one image of the entire area.